Secrets & Lies

by Mike Leigh, 1996 Excellent movie, all the awards clearly deserved. Mike Leigh delivers so touching masterpiece from a premise so profane - some family secrets can bring many years of unnecessary suffering. The emotions the actors relayed in this movie can stay with the viewer for a quite long time.

i give: 10

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Rembrandt's J'Accuse

by Peter Greenaway, 2008

It is actually my favourite documentary - this astonishing 90 minutes documentary is revealing plots and narratives in this Rembrandt masterpiece more than a classical detective story. Greenaway never stops talking, still, his soothing diction makes you float in the movie even much so.

i give: 10

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by Roman Polanski, 2011

Not a very fun movie, starts bizarrely and the meetup hardly holds water. The characters blow stuff out of proportion and still refuse to part, even as they stop talking about their kids anyway. And - if someone came to my house and is being offensive - well, one does not simply walk into Mordor...

i give: 6.5

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We Need to Talk About Kevin

by Lynne Ramsay, 2011

An astonishingly chilling movie, made me feel unsafe on my theater seat, even without any graphical violence. I've been fascinated with the phenomenon of psychopathy for quite some time now, I guess our society is riddled with those who live normal lives and go unnoticed. This movie is kind of a chronicle about one's life, and his - ahem... complicated - relationship with his mother. A masterful performance by Swinton.

Also, if you do watch it, take special attention to Kevin's social criticism.
i give: 9
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Where the truth lies

by Atom Egoyan, 2005

Very good movie with a non-linear narration, the narrators are also the main characters so the information they provide can prove non-reliable. The truth may or may not come to the viewer at all, even though the performances, the plot-twists are a joy on theirselves. Exotica tops this movie, still.

i give: 8.5

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